If you’ve read our earlier posts, Enform 101 and Enform’s history, you’re getting the idea about who we are and where we came from. Next we’re going to look at how Enform works.

So, here it is, in a nutshell:

Structure of Enform


Now with a little more detail:

The oil and gas industry

Enform is a stakeholder-driven, not-for-profit organization supported by all six industry sectors, each of which is represented on the board of directors and the advisory committee.

The board of directors

The board of directors is comprised of two representatives from each industry sector – one from the association, and one from a member company. They’re leaders in their fields and they’re invested in making the oil and gas industry a safer place to work.

The board’s focus is on strategic leadership. They are responsible for the stewardship of the organization and for overseeing the affairs of Enform and the activities of its management.

The advisory committee

The advisory committee is comprised of two senior representatives from each of the industry sectors – one from the industry association and one from a member company. They hold senior safety positions within their own organizations, so they understand the most important challenges and issues affecting day-to-day operations.

The advisory committee provides professional and practical advice to Enform senior management. Their mandate is to provide advice and guidance on the relevance of operational plans and resource forecasts, and to make consensus-based decisions in order to achieve the strategic objectives determined by the board of directors and developed by Enform.

President and CEO

As president and CEO, Cameron MacGillivray is responsible for overall leadership of Enform and its strategic and operational performance. Cameron has considerable experience in the oil and gas industry to assist him in leading the Enform team. (By the way, we’re working on a future post all about him because we’d like you to get to know him better.)

So that’s how we work – but stay tuned, there’s more coming up. You’ve probably heard us say that Enform was formed ‘by industry for industry’ – next week we’re going to explain precisely what that means.