The holidays are coming fast, and by now your plans are probably well underway. If those plans involve driving somewhere to celebrate the season, we want you to have a safe trip.

Even if it’s a drive you’ve made many times before, remember to take a few minutes to plan your trip and prepare for all those surprising eventualities. After all, you could encounter icy roads, whiteouts, wildlife and countless other truly Canadian surprises. A little advance planning will go a long way toward getting you safely to your destination.

We’ve put together some simple tips to help you plan for a safe, pleasant drive:

journey management infographic

Plan ahead and stay safe on the road

One injury or fatality on the road is too many – especially during the holidays. But with some planning and forethought you can help make sure you stay safer on the roads.

Enform’s journey management guide

If your organization has workers who drive on the job, it’s crucial that you have an effective journey management plan that they understand and stick to. Enform’s free journey management guide will help you develop a program that works for you.

Whether you’re driving for work, going on a road trip or travelling with your family, drive carefully, stay safe and enjoy the holiday season!