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October 19, 2017: Energy Safety Canada - A Merger of Enform and Oil Sands Safety Association

For more information on the impact of the merger to COR Holders and Auditors please read the following information items:

July 24, 2017: Updated SECOR Audit Protocol Guidelines

Enform has launched v1.2 of the 2015 SECOR Audit Protocol effective July 24, 2017. The revised SECOR Audit Protocol is presented in a more user friendly format and provides detailed guidelines and instructions to ensure employers meet the Enform SECOR standard.

SECOR Online Fact Sheet: To review the changes that were made to the Online Version of the SECOR Audit Protocol please refer to:  Changes made to SECOR Audit Protocol (Online Version) - Fact Sheet

SECOR Binder Submission Fact Sheet: To review the changes that were made to the binder version of the SECOR Audit Protocol please refer to: Changes made to SECOR Audit Protocol (Binder Version) - Fact Sheet.

July 6, 2017: COR Audit Reports and Company Profile Requirements

When providing a company profile in an audit report, there is certain content criteria that must be met.   The content criteria is covered by Enform's 5 day Health and Safety Auditor Program.  For many auditors, sometime may have passed since taking this course so we would like to provide this information as a reminder.

To ensure your next audit report submission meets the requirements for the company profile, please review the provided information sheet here:  Company Profile Requirements  

May 9, 2017: Enform COR Audit Bulletin - May 2017 

The Enform COR Audit Bulletin has been designed for the Oil and Gas industry.  Click to view important information on the COR program.

November 9, 2016: Notice of Annual COR Non-Member Service Fee Changes 

Please note that effective January 1, 2017, Enform will be increasing the COR non-member fees. Read More.

July 28, 2016: COR Audit Timelines - FAQ's

Many employers ask about the length of time it takes to receive their COR. An FAQ has been developed to address these questions. Read More.  




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