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January 23, 2017
SECOR Assessor Refresher Training Reminder

January is a great month to check your refresher training status prior to submitting your SECOR audit and plan for any refresher course requirements to ensure you stay current.

For more information click here.

January 4, 2017
Auditor Renewal Reminder

Happy New Year everyone! January is a great month to check your certifications and plan for any refresher course requirements to ensure you stay current.

The Enform policy for Auditor Recertification can be viewed here.

To search upcoming courses please visit our website at www.enform.ca.

Notice of Annual COR Non-Member Service Fee Changes 
Effective January 1, 2017

Please note that effective January 1, 2017, Enform will be increasing the COR non-member fees. This is a necessary step to support and maintain a sustainable level of services for our COR holders. For more information, click here.

COR Audit Timelines - FAQ's

Many employers ask about the length of time it takes to receive their COR. To clarify some of the timeframes for the audit process please review the following FAQ’s

SECOR Online Submission Tool
Cost Savings Way to Submit Your SECOR Audit

It has been over one year since the launch of the SECOR Online Submission tool. Have you tried it yet? Will you be submitting your next audit using the online tool?

Click here for more information.

Cost Savings Strategy - COR Maintenance Audits

Employers have a substantial cost savings strategy available to them for COR Maintenance Audits if they train an employee to serve as their internal auditor.  Companies can save the cost of hiring a contract external auditor for their maintenance audits by sending an internal staff member to take Enform’s Certified Health and Safety Auditor Program.

Click here for more information

Current Economic Conditions

Enform recognizes that due to current economic conditions that employers may not have their usual activity levels available to audit.  We also recognize the importance of keeping you operationally ready by keeping your COR/SECOR current. To review information and options for 2016 that may assist in your COR/SECOR needs, please click here.