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Expanded COR Audit Protocol Guidelines Launched

Enform is launching v1.2 of the 2013 COR Audit Protocol effective June 1, 2016. While the questions and scoring remain the same, the guidelines have been expanded to help new auditors and internal auditors better understand expectations on gathering evidence, generating a score, and writing up their audit reports. For more information please click here.

Also, a change was made to the Justification Section in the eC-AuditTool to meet governing body requirements. Click here to view information slides on those changes.


Information Notice: June 16, 2016 Auditor Association Workshop

The Alberta Occupational Safety Auditors Association (www.aosaa.ca) promotes the health and safety auditing profession across the province and represents all industries. Their next workshop is on June 16, 2016 at the Radisson Hotel in Red Deer, Alberta. If you are wishing to stay at the Radisson, please inform the registration desk as AOSAA has negotiated a corporate rate.

The workshop agenda can be viewed here.

Enform will be providing an update on the changes to the COR Audit Protocol Guidelines.  Our goal to reach this year is to have 50% reduction in requesting audit corrections.  Come and hear how you can help in reaching this goal.

SECOR Online Submission Tool
Cost Savings Way to Submit Your SECOR Audit

It has been over one year since the launch of the SECOR Online Submission tool. Have you tried it yet? Will you be submitting your next audit using the online tool?

In 2015,  33% of Enform SECOR holders used the online tool and saved on the cost of shipping their binders. They also experienced a more efficient and effective use of the process to receive or maintain their SECOR.

Getting set up for the Online Submission Tool is a Two Phase process:

Phase 1
Step One: Watch the SECOR Online Registration Tutorial.
Step Two: Log into My Enform and Click on Auditor Portal then New SECOR Audit Request
Step Three: Complete the registration form and submit.  Our team will review and advise you of the next steps.

Phase 2
Step One: While you are waiting for your registration to be reviewed, watch the SECOR Online Submission Tutorial.
Step Two: To learn how to organize your documents for Online Submission view the User Quick Guide.
Step Three: Once approved, you will have access to start the submission process via My Enform. 


Cost Savings Strategy - COR Maintenance Audits

Employers have a substantial cost savings strategy available to them for COR Maintenance Audits if they train an employee to serve as their internal auditor.  Companies can save the cost of hiring a contract external auditor for their maintenance audits by sending an internal staff member to take Enform’s Certified Health and Safety Auditor Program.

Maintenance audits are required for 2 of the 3 year COR cycle.  This would provide valuable cost savings for both maintenance years.  

More Information:

Enform is offering a 15% discount on all courses, including the following courses to become an auditor.

Register today by completing the Internal Auditor application form.  The form can be found by logging into My Enform, click on Auditor Portal and then Apply to become an Enform Auditor.


Current Economic Conditions

Enform recognizes that due to current economic conditions that employers may not have their usual activity levels available to audit.  We also recognize the importance of keeping you operationally ready by keeping your COR/SECOR current. To review information and options for 2016 that may assist in your COR/SECOR needs, please click here.