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Policies and Procedures

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In This Section

Enform’s policy and procedure manual is designed to meet the combined requirements across all three provincial jurisdictions. This manual will be reviewed and adjusted as provincial standards change and our COR program evolves. The present version available includes all finalized Enform-specific standards through July 1, 2013. Where a topic is not yet addressed in this manual, provincial standards and/or the existing COR QA Manual are used and applied.

Complete Policy and Procedure Manual

Individual Policies and Procedures

The manual may be consulted as a general guide. However specific policy questions should still be directed to: corinfo@enform.ca. We will be happy to address any policy questions that arise.

Provincial COR Program Standards

The Enform COR program is delivered under the direction of a number of provincial COR program standards. These include:

Partnerships: Standards for Certifying Partner Quality Assurance Systems (Alberta Government)

The Certificate of Recognition Program: Standards and Guidelines (WorkSafeBC)

A series of Joint Industry Committee documents (WorkSafe Saskatchewan)

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