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What to Expect

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The more engaged you are with the COR auditing process, the more valuable the COR audit will be in improving your health and safety performance. A standard audit will include:

  • A review of the Enform Safety Audits and Certifications Outline of Roles and Responsibilities by both the auditor and company prior to starting the audit
  • An on-site pre-audit orientation meeting with the auditor
  • A review of key documents in your health and safety management system as well as a sampling of your records from the past year
  • One-on-one interviews (approximately 35-45 minutes long) that include a sampling of all levels of management, supervisors, and workers.
    • The audit standards will determine the number of interviews required. For example,
      • 5 employees = a minimum of 4 interviews
      • 50 employees = a minimum of 19 interviews
      • 500 employees = a minimum of 60 interviews
  • Site visits to confirm the findings in the documentation review and interview phase of the audit
    • The audit standards will determine the number of site visits required. For example,
      • 2 worksites = all sites will be visited
      • 5 worksites = 3 sites will be visited
      • 9-30 worksites= 33% of the sites will be visited
  • An on-site post-audit meeting with the auditor
  • A final written report that includes strengths and recommendations to help you improve your health and safety management system after the audit passes a quality assurance review by Enform

Enform COR Audit standards have specified timeline requirements. For companies that would like a COR by a particular date, audit timelines and submission dates should be negotiated with the auditor in advance.

Enform auditors are bound by the following maximum timelines. In practice, they are likely to be less:

COR audit mazimum timelines illistration

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