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SECOR Audit Protocols

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SECOR Supplemental Information

Enform has developed a document to provide supplemental information to SECOR holders to assist them with their Health and Safety Management System to ensure they meet the Enform SECOR standard. To view the document, please click here.

SECOR Online Submission Tool

This online submission process is intended to provide the SECOR holder with enhanced effectiveness and efficiency for developing, managing and compiling all required documentation for their annual audit. 

Step 1: Register Your SECOR

Step 2: Organize Your Documents

Enform has provided a folder structure to assist in organizing your documents for easy uploading. Please read the User Quick Guide located in the folder.

 Step 3: Submit Your SECOR


2015 SECOR Protocol

Download the SECOR Audit Protocol

It is important that you view this video before attempting your audit this year.

Click here to view the 2015 SECOR Audit Protocol Video

What's New:

  • Supporting Forms - There are new forms to be completed as part of the SECOR audit protocol package. For example, the Employee Breakdown and Sampling Details Table forms provide Enform with a profile of your business and are used during the audit review process. Other forms are also available with the new audit protocol.
  • Assessor Notes - Assessors are required to provide notes that answer audit questions fully and clarify any systems in place that require more definition. Click here for a sample of what is required in an assessor note. 
  • Added Instructions - Detailed instructions are provided to guide the assessor on the type of documentation that should be submitted and what the reviewer will be looking for.
  • Submitting Documentation - Documentation should be submitted in a logical and orderly manner that reflects activities over the 12 month period. Please avoid submitting original documentation.

Employee Breakdown & Sampling Form - Fillable PDF

Training Opportunities:

  • SECOR Audit Protocol - this online video features what's new in the SECOR audit protocol and will provide useful information on submitting your audit using the new protocol.

Click here to view the 2015 SECOR Audit Protocol Video

  • Formal Hazard Assessments - If you would like more information on Formal Hazard Assessments and requirements to meet these questions in the new SECOR Audit Protocol, please review our Information Session videos here.