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About Safety Stand Down

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Keeping “u” Out of Injuries

What Is It?

Safety Stand Down

Safety Stand Down is a designated time for CEO’s, executives and senior managers to talk about safety issues directly with frontline supervisors and workers. The supervisor is the most influential person to the frontline workers, who are generally the largest group in the workforce. Most recordable incidents and injuries occur within this group – particularly among new workers.

When Is It?

Safety Stand Down can take place any time of year. It can take place once, for a day or a week, or on a monthly basis. You should choose a time frame that works best for your organization. The most important thing is that you make time for safety – no matter when that might be.

Who Can Participate?

Participants include oil and gas producers, explorers and service contractors.

Where Should You Visit?

The worksite location for your Safety Stand Down event is entirely up to you. Some executives choose plants or permanent sites, while others visit temporary sites such as drilling and service rig operations. The best advice is to go where you will have the greatest impact.

Do You Have to Shut Down Your Operations?

It’s not necessary to shut down operations. If you do choose to shut down the operation you intend to visit for an hour or a day, your safety commitment to frontline workers is reinforced.

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