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Enform Logos

The Enform logo must always be accompanied by the Enform tagline: “The Safety Association for Canada’s Upstream Oil and Gas Industry.” The Enform logo should never be changed or altered in any way; it must not be distorted, skewed, or disproportionally scaled in any application. Logo integrity must take precedence over any and all spatial considerations. 

To download Enform logos, choose the appropriate link below. Use the following as a guideline for downloading the appropriate file type:

  • For a 300-dpi raster image (print quality), please choose the TIFF file
  • For a 72-dpi raster image (screen quality), please choose the JPEG file
  • For a scalable vector graphic (line art), please choose the EPS file.

Enform Tagline Horizontal - Colour


Enform Tagline Vertical - Colour


Enform Tagline Horizontal - Black


Enform Tagline Vertical - Black

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customerservice [at] enform [dot] ca
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