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Safety Bulletins

June 20, 2017

Safety bulletins have been created to provide industry with timely communication of risk and initiatives.

Issue Number and Description

01-2017 "Impact of increased industry activity on worker injuries": Industry activity leads to more hiring, and statistics show that this increase in industry activity is matched by an increase in injury counts and rates. For young workers (under 25), the injury rate doubles. These young workers are more likely to be injured from being struck by objects like tools and equipment (pipe, hoses, etc.).

02-2017 "Summer Students": Summer student employment gives young workers the opportunity to develop job skills, gain meaningful experience, and learn how to work safely. In 2016 there were, 366,000 full-time students employed throughout the summer months in Western Canada.

03-2017 "Middle-Aged Workers and Overexertion": Statistics show middle-aged workers between the ages of 35-44 are prone to overexertion injuries in Western Canada. Overexertion occurs with excessive effort; enough stain that injury results. The highest overall injury claim rate after a downturn for middle-aged workers is overexertion.  

04-2017 "Training Young Workers": Young workers between the ages of 15 and 25 are associated with the highest rate of incidents across Canada. Training young workers can prevent workplace injuries by increasing their knowledge of the work process, equipment, and safety requirements. Employers can further encourage young worker development by providing formal training, coaching and support, and on-the-job applications.