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DACC IRP Volume #05 - Minimum Wellhead Requirements

November 23, 2011

This document provides an introduction to wellhead components and major variations in wellhead design that are driven by reservoir and well operating considerations and conditions.

Second, it serves as a guide to wellhead implementation, providing recommendations for:

  • Assigning responsibilities in wellhead installation, intervention, and maintenance
  • Determining wellhead requirements
  • Installing and protecting wellheads
  • Intervention operations
  • Monitoring and maintaining wellheads
  • Maintaining wellheads on suspended wells

This document covers a range of petroleum industry well types including:

  • Flowing wells
  • Artificial lift wells
  • Injection and disposal wells
  • Monitoring and observation wells
  • Other wells that require special considerations with respect to wellhead design or components

This document does not include extensive recommendations regarding wellheads for critical sour wells and heavy oil (conventional and thermally stimulated) wells because wellhead requirements for those well types are specifically addressed in IRP Volume 2 Completing and Servicing Critical Sour Wells and IRP Volume 3 In Situ Heavy Oil Operations

Developer: DACC
Sponsor: CAPP 
Current Status: Sanctioned November 2011


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