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Alcohol and Drug Policy Model for the Canadian Upstream Petroleum Industry

February 23, 2016

In December 2015, Enform updated its Alcohol and Drug Policy Model with a new legal opinion. Released February 23, 2016, this policy model is up-to-date with current legal and medical standards for the upstream petroleum industry. 

This is an updated Enform guideline and is presently under industry review. The review period has been extended until May 31, 2016. If you would like to provide feedback, email safety@enform.ca with the subject line, “Alcohol and Drug Policy Model Review”, and be sure to include your full contact information, company, and position held.

Through the guidance of the Enform Alcohol and Drug Task Force, Enform has developed numerous tools for employers to address the issue of alcohol and drugs in the workplace.

Here is a concise list of the tools available:

  • The Alcohol and Drug Policy Model - for the Canadian Upstream Petroleum Industry (September 2007)

Available Formats:

  • Gap Analysis Matrix

    This checklist allows companies with existing policies to measure against the Policy Model, and document any gaps with recommendations for closing them. The corresponding section in the Policy Model is referenced for ease of correlation.
    Gap Analysis Matrix
  • Policy Template

    This document helps identify the required elements for those employers drafting an organizational policy statement in line with the Policy Model.
    Policy Template
  • Alcohol and Drug Testing Guide

    The Policy Model contains numerous circumstances for testing and what the related response can be. This document gathers them all up in a single document with references to what infrastructure is needed to support the testing, along with the specific section reference in the Policy Model.
    Alcohol and Drug Testing Guide
  • Alcohol & Drug Policy Development and Implementation Worksheet

    This worksheet is intended to assist you in developing and implementing an Alcohol and Drug (A&D) policy for your company. It is used in conjunction with the other documents listed on this page.
    Click Here
  • Considerations when Evaluating an Alcohol and Drug Program

This list of questions will assist in evaluating an existing Alcohol and Drug program.
Click Here

The Enform Alcohol and Drugs Task Force also developed a graphic, which can be used to by companies to showcase their commitment to an alcohol and drug-free workplace. Feel free to use this logo in corporate communications, newsletters, letterhead advertising or wherever appropriate to promote this crucial safety goal.


As part of the ongoing work of the A&D Task Force, a brief review of the current state of POCT testing was prepared. Industry has expressed great interest in this type of testing. This brief review (prepared in September 2006) is available here

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