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COMING SOON: Launch of new SECOR Audit Protocol with Online Submission enabled.

Enform is committed to provide the most effective and comprehensive tools for evaluating and assessing the company safety programs of industry partners who belong to the Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) Program.

Small employers will soon be able to provide all required documentation for their SECOR audits online and complete their annual evaluations electronically. This online system will make the SECOR audit protocol far more comprehensive to assessors and companies alike, allowing for a clear and concise comparison of one’s safety management system against the industry benchmark.

This new online submission process is intended to provide the SECOR holder with enhanced effectiveness and efficiency for developing, managing and compiling all required documentation for their annual audit.

Over the coming weeks, select SECOR holders who are scheduled to complete their annual SECOR maintenance audits in the first quarter of 2014 will be encouraged to trial the new tool and its online submission capabilities. Any information gleaned from the trial and any candid, constructive feedback from users of the system will assist in continuous improvement and fine-tuning of the online tool. A formal roll out to all Small Employers will follow the trial launch.

In preparation for your 2014 SECOR audit, please view the guideline version of the 2014 SECOR audit protocol: click here. The existing SECOR protocol will remain in place until notification of the launch and effective date of the 2014 SECOR audit protocol.  

COMING SOON: Changes to the SECOR Program and Training Options

The Enform Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) Program is committed to a continuous improvement philosophy in helping small employers in our industry succeed.  Part of that success is exploring new and innovative ways to deliver our programs.  We can’t wait for you to see what is coming in 2014.   The following are a few key initiatives to look for:

  • The release of a new SECOR audit protocol in early 2014
  • On-Line training option for the SECOR Refresher course
  • SECOR Refresher course will focus on components of completing and submitting your SECOR audit using the new protocol
  • Various tools and forms available on-line for health and safety management systems

If you are interested in seeing the guideline version of the 2014 SECOR protocol please click here

The existing SECOR protocol will remain in place until notification of the launch and effective date of the 2014 SECOR audit protocol.  Please continue to use the existing SECOR protocol for your auditing needs now and into the 2014 auditing cycle.

2013 Enhancements to eCompliance eC-AuditTool

Enform has worked with eCompliance to incorporate enhancements to the eC-AuditTool.  These enhancements were based on feedback from auditors and various users.  Please click on the Upgrades Visualization link to view details on the enhancements. 

Streamlined Enform COR Audit Protocol 2013 Released

Effective May 13, 2013, Enform has a more streamlined COR Audit protocol. For companies, there should be minimal change management as the streamlined protocol covers the same health and safety management system elements with the same scoring as the 2010/2012 audit protocol. However, both companies and auditors should appreciate the efficiencies gained in the streamlining effort with fewer overall questions and a more effective targeting of interview questions.

Click here for a copy of the new protocol, handouts from the information sessions held on the 2013 protocol, as well as revised Information Gathering Tools. 

On Site Audit Review (OSAR) Program Formalized

As part of its duties as a provincial certifying partner, Enform is required to facilitate On Site Audit Reviews (OSARs) on a representative sample of its certified external auditors every year. An OSAR is an on-site verification that confirms correct audit processes were followed and that the auditor's key findings are valid. Any employer who has recently undergone a certification or re-certification audit may be selected for an OSAR. The OSAR will be scheduled by appointment and is designed to be completed in a single day to minimize any disruption to the employer's business. OSAR results will not directly jeopardize an employer's COR status.

In Alberta the OSAR process is administrated by Alberta Partnerships and their website includes an OSAR FAQ page.

Enform administrates the OSAR process outside Alberta. For more information, please refer to Enform's Policy and Procedure on OSAR.

Enform COR Audit Protocol 2013

Get a copy of the streamlined audit protocol and related documents, including Info Gathering Tools
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New Info Session Videos

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10-19 Employees? Outgrowing SECOR?

Enform has introduced the MECOR process to help companies transition from SECOR to COR requirements
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