Safety Alert

To submit a safety alert, please email You should attach any existing description and/or lessons learned documentation you have already created, any relevant photos or illustrations, and full contact information. An Enform staff member will contact you to complete the safety alert process.

Safety Alerts

Reporting is Important Should your organization experience a serious injury or an incident with potential for serious effect (near hits/misses, or other losses), report the incident to Enform so we can share the information with our industry and work towards the goal of continued injury reduction. Collaboration is a key strategy to reducing injuries, improving efficiencies, and promoting positive working relationships.

A Safety Alert can be issued about equipment, processes or practices, including:

  • Injuries, fatalities, motor vehicle incidents, near hits/misses, or other losses
  • Any activity within the oil and gas industry.

The distribution of Safety Alerts is a positive method of alerting the industry to incidents which have occurred. The information from every Safety Alert should be used to influence current and future safe practices.

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Alert #DescriptionRelease Date
SA-2014-17 Two Injured in Encounter with Black Bear 21-Nov-2014
SA-2014-16 Drill Line Clamp Failure 27-Oct-2014
SA-2014-15 Trip in Meeting Room 01-Oct-2014
SA-2014-14 Snubbing Unit Parted Pipe/Jack Relief Failure 11-Aug-2014
SA-2014-13 Picker Mount Failure 16-Jul-2014
SA-2014-12 Object Falls from Height 16-Jun-2014
SA-2014-11 Cement Silo Incident Injures Worker 29-May-2014
SA-2014-10 Risk of Flying Debris When Transporting Rig Mats 09-May-2014
SA-2014-09 Tractor Trailer Uncoupling Results in Accident 22-Apr-2014
SA-2014-08 Rod Wheel Injures Worker 09-Apr-2014
SA-2014-07 Structural Railing Failure 01-Apr-2014
SA-2014-06 Worker Struck by Piping 31-Mar-2014
SA-2014-05 Snubbing Gas Release 26-Mar-2014
SA-2014-04 Unsupported A Leg Upset 24-Mar-2014
SA-2014-03 Worker Sprayed with Frac Oil Chemical 24-Jan-2014
SA-2014-02 Tank Cable Strikes Employee 23-Jan-2014
SA-2014-01 Coyote Injures Worker 09-Jan-2014
SA-2013-05 QRC Pinch Point Injury 12-Nov-2013
SA-2013-04 Dropped Pipe from Side Door Elevator 29-Oct-2013
SA05-13 D8 Bulldozer Contact with Surveyor on ATV 16-Sep-2013
SA-2013-02 Gas Compressor Explosion 06-Aug-2013
SA-2013-01 Gate Valve Bonnet Failures from Thermal Expansion of Fluids at High-Temperature 23-Jul-2013
SA-2012-13 Injector Assembly Kicks Out of BOP - Injury Incident 17-Nov-2012
SA-2012-07 Contact With Monkey Board - Failure to follow Proper Procedure 23-Oct-2012
SA-2012-06 Worker Injured by Raising Arm Assembly - Injury Incident 23-Oct-2012

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