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We have developed a wide range of health and safety training courses for a variety of skill levels in every segment of the upstream oil and gas industry. Search for your course by title, location, or date.

Courses (5 found) Upcoming Dates
Refining and Marketing Oil and Gas
Learn how oil refineries and petrochemical plants change crude oil and natural gas into useful products. Gain insight into global oil and gas... (read more)
Production Processing & Transportation of Oil and Gas
Learn how oil and gas is recovered from a well, collected and transported to surface facilities for processing. You will also learn about oil... (read more)
Drilling Equipment and Well Completion
Gain a deeper understanding of drilling equipment and well completion. Duration: 4 hours TOPICS INCLUDE Types of drilling rigs Site... (read more)
Petroleum Exploration, Land and Leasing
Learn about oil and gas exploration through various geophysical and seismic methods. You will also learn how governments and oil companies offer... (read more)
Petroleum Industry Overview
Gain a broad introduction to the oil and gas industry from both a Canadian and global perspective. The program also covers origins of oil and... (read more)

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