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Training Options

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In addition to scheduled courses, Enform tailors training to clients' preferred timelines and locations. Many of Canada's largest oil and gas companies have taken advantage of the flexibility and convenience of customized training.

With Enform’s customized training you can:

  • Determine when and where the course will be delivered
  • Participate in the development of a specially designed program
  • Include company-specific material and experiences in the curriculum
  • Host training sessions on site to save student travel costs

Hands-on Training Facilities

Experience live operating environments built to the exacting specifications of the oil and gas industry. The training facility in Nisku is designed to accommodate multiple uses including research, testing, onboarding and safety training.

Read more about the Nisku Facility here

International Training

Enform has conducted safety training all over the world, including the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, Russia and the Far East. Some of this training is a support to Canadian companies as they expand into overseas markets.

International training courses are custom designed to fit the specific circumstances of each client. Programs are provided only on an in-company basis which may vary in duration from 1 week up to 9 months or more. Enform also provides consultancies for the design and development of training courses and hands-on facilities to enhance training programs

Custom training has included:

  • East coast offshore platform operators trained through Enform's Gas Production Operator course
  • Helicopter pilots trained as Field Operators to service remote production areas
  • Hands-on labs for post-secondary students enrolled in petroleum technology and engineering courses
  • Field orientations for insurance brokers and adjusters, and courses accredited through the Alberta Insurance Council
  • Customized measurement and production accounting training
  • Industry orientations for administrative staff

For more information email tech&internationaltraining@enform.ca.

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